Personalized Art: 5 Steps to a Successful Commission

Art created just for someone other than the artist is called commissioned art. When an artist paints a pet or family portrait, it is a commission. I personally have been commissioned to paint and draw subjects ranging from portraits and homes to surreal works of art. Often the commission process seems a little daunting. TheContinue reading “Personalized Art: 5 Steps to a Successful Commission”

New Artwork: Gunpowder Falls State Park

Against a backdrop of trees, stone, and water, the tire was jarringly out of place. It was litter that inspired thoughts of carbon footprints and plastic islands in the Pacific.

News and Updates feat. the Pets and Wildlife Collection

I’ve had a baby that’s now a toddler, and my family has relocated to another state. This new home hosts an all-of-the-seasons experience with a wide variety of trees, and winding roads. The abundance of art galleries and museums within an hours drive of my front door is also very nice. As my time hasContinue reading “News and Updates feat. the Pets and Wildlife Collection”

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