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Studio Deep Dive: Artists in Absence

Today, I was planning on driving two hours to Solomons, MD to set up for my two-week Artist in Action residence at Ann Marie Sculpture Gardens and Arts Center. Combined with cancelled/postponed spring festivals and exhibitions, I felt a little lost. I still had these two weeks set aside. Should I just eat ice creamContinue reading “Studio Deep Dive: Artists in Absence”

Preschool – Adult: Recycled Paper Making

Rosemary, coffee grinds, and glitter are a few of the exciting materials I’ve seen mixed into hand pulled papers, and you have endless options for making your paper unique to you or your preschooler.

Preschool Arts & Crafts: Music

We changed up arts and crafts time this weekend by getting my drums out of storage and the ukelele out of it’s case. Music helps preschoolers flex their creative muscles, exploring and discovering different sounds and their combinations, just like process art explores the different combinations and possibilities of visual materials. There is the addedContinue reading “Preschool Arts & Crafts: Music”