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Studio Deep Dive: Artists in Absence

Today, I was planning on driving two hours to Solomons, MD to set up for my two-week Artist in Action residence at Ann Marie Sculpture Gardens and Arts Center. Combined with cancelled/postponed spring festivals and exhibitions, I felt a little lost. I still had these two weeks set aside. Should I just eat ice cream and catch up on TV shows? Watch all of the Marvel Movies? Could I still use the two weeks to create? How could I still be available for friends, guests, and my collectors? What does a studio deep dive look like in an online space?

I am incredibly fortunate to have this time and space to create. I hope to share my videos, time lapses, Facebook Live events, and new artwork here on the blog, on Facebook, and on Instagram. My goal is to bring the outdoors inside and online with my botanical and wildlife art, and to be available through social media and email to connect with fellow art enthusiasts. I’m looking forward to creating with you!

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