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Preschool Arts & Crafts: Cardboard Boxes

Materials: Large Cardboard Box, Paint or Markers, Scissors or X-acto knife.

Goals: Process art, Written Name Recognition, Imaginative Play

This was a perfect rainy day activity! While my preschooler was napping, I grabbed one of the old cardboard boxes I was saving for my art studio and quickly sketched out a simple rocket in paint (marker works too!). Add a little window by cutting a hole in the side. If you have trouble drawing a rocket from your head, you can always Google search “rocket clip art” to get a few simplified drawings to use as a reference.

The drawing/painting doesn’t have to be perfect. Your preschooler won’t care if it’s a little abstract or disproportionate.

When my preschooler woke up, he was delighted. He played with the rocket for a solid thirty minutes before needing to shift gears. We practiced painting his name to reinforce name and letter recognition, and then on the rocket sketch before I stepped back to let him paint independently. He played with different sized brushes. We talked about how different the marks were when he used the tip of the paint brush compared to the side of the bristles. The goal here is to encourage your child to explore with the materials and marks.

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