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Preschool Activity: Pipe-cleaner Bracelets (Quiet Time)

I have been trying to encourage independent & quiet play, not only to help my preschooler develop into a confident and creative person, but also for my own sanity. This is my favorite “mommy has a headache” activity.

Materials: Pipe Cleaners or String & Beads

Objective: Develop Fine Motor Skills & Practice Independent Play

I showed my preschooler how to loop the bottom of the pipe cleaner to prevent the beads from falling off and showed him how to thread the first bead. As soon as he felt confident, I let him create on his own. He made a bracelet for mommy, daddy, and for himself. I helped him tie off his bracelets, tucking in the ends (those wires can be a little sharp). He continued to play with them once complete, using his imagination and creating a conversation between each bracelet.

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