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Preschool Activity & Craft: Daily Walks & Pinecone Bird Feeder

As we continue to change and adapt in response to the coronavirus’s impact in our state, I’ve relied on two things to remain calm and centered.

The first is continuing in my studio practice. Drawing has always been deeply meditative for me and not letting stress disrupt my daily work has been key in keeping a sense of uninterrupted routine.

The second is daily walks with my preschooler. We love discovering new buds and blooms, like the saucer magnolias (pictured above), seeing fat squirrels and brave birds, and, of course, finding sticks. These walks are also centering for my preschooler, and we both will miss the calm they provide as the next few days bring rain.

Pinecone Bird Feeder

Objective: To connect with nature by creating a feeder with found natural materials and observing the wildlife that is drawn to it.

Materials: Pinecone, string, nut butter, and bird seed.

Our craft for the day was creating a pinecone bird feeder, just like I did as a kid. It is a great idea to let your preschooler slather peanut butter on the pinecones themselves to work on their dexterity. At the same time, if your child is just as likely to bathe in the butter or lick it off of the pinecone, as mine was prone to, you can apply the nut butter yourself.

However, my preschooler did apply the bird seed. Then, we hung the feeders up by his recently painted birdhouse and hoped that the cardinals would take a liking to it. I’m pretty sure the squirrels are going to love us.

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