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A New Thanksgiving

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Our Thanksgiving will be different this year.  There’s no splitting the holiday between my family and the in-laws, who are now several states away.  There’s no overindulgence in turkey and pumpkin pie.  No football.  Not even time with my spouse, who will be working for the holiday.   

With all of these changes, I had to re-evaluate what I do want from this holiday, and what I want to provide for my toddler. Instead of spending all day in the kitchen, my son would prefer playing with me, so we will buy our food pre-prepared.  Instead of watching football or The Macy’s Day Parade, we both would rather get outside and move, so we will go for a hike and picnic.  And instead of turkey comas, I plan to work on one of my many charcoal drawings that are in progress.

The one part of Thanksgiving that we will keep is the family.  In between phone calls and staying up late, we will make sure to tell our loved ones “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Thank you for your support, and have a wonderful holiday!



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