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News and Updates feat. the Pets and Wildlife Collection

I’ve had a baby that’s now a toddler, and my family has relocated to another state. This new home hosts an all-of-the-seasons experience with a wide variety of trees, and winding roads. The abundance of art galleries and museums within an hours drive of my front door is also very nice. As my time has become more of my own again, I’ve been able to devote more to my studio practice. The exciting news is that I’m starting a new collection (the artwork will be available in May)!

“Stephen” Archival Ink on Paper.
Permanent Collection at LaGrange Art Museum.

In addition to starting my new collection, I am finishing up some works in progress and am showing pieces from my Wildlife Collection in galleries and museums. “Stephen,” pictured above, was selected for LaGrange’s Regional Exhibition, and is now housed in LaGrange Art Museum‘s permanent collection.

“Bella,” is currently on exhibit at the Harford Artist’s Gallery. The frame for “Cielo” did not survive the move, and is in the studio waiting to be reframed. Giclee prints and originals are available upon request.

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